Dr. Raman Mittal

Ocloplastic Surgeon with more than 10 years of Experience

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Dr. Raman Mittal is a proficient Oculoplastic Surgeon who is being recognized at many premiere eye care institutes and hospitals. He has been associated with serving patients at Grewal Eye Institute, I-Plast, and Brar Eye Hospital. 

He has extensive experience in performing wide variety of oculoplastic procedure and in-depth knowledge of different facets of oculoplasty. He has already handled numerous patients looking for reconstructive, cosmetic, and plastic procedures related to eyes, eyelids, orbits (bones behind the eye), and lacrimal (tear drain system). His specialization includes but is not limited to eyelid and plastic surgery.

Interested in Cosmetic Gynecology

Hymenoplasty | Revirginization | Hymen Restoration | Vaginal Tightening | Labiaplasty | Labia Reshaping | G-Spot Enhancement